Elevate Your Practice: Improve Patient Outcomes

Serious GP doctor showing tablet screen to old female patient

As a Primary Care Physician (PCP), you constantly aim to improve clinical outcomes, especially among vulnerable patient populations and those with chronic conditions. However, navigating complex healthcare systems is a challenge, leaving you with uncertainty on how to coordinate effectively with specialists or how to engage patients in their own care.

You can overcome these challenges and achieve both revenue growth and positive clinical outcomes by partnering with the right physician-led Accountable Care Organization (ACO): American Choice Healthcare, operated by Orange Care Group.

American Choice Healthcare is an ACO REACH entity that financially rewards PCP practices like yours for achieving favorable patient outcomes and managing healthcare costs for Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) patients.

We provide complimentary hands-on, day-to-day support to help participating PCPs manage the health of their patient populations, including those with complex, chronic conditions.

When you join American Choice Healthcare, there’s no change to how you bill Medicare as a PCP. But how you are compensated changes based on the quality of care you deliver and the outcomes you achieve. With American Choice Healthcare you can earn more for the exceptional patient care you already provide, including monthly performance incentives and increases in Medicare FFS rates.

Another big benefit: Physician-led Medicare FFS programs such as American Choice Healthcare’s offer greater savings, which result in higher physician revenue and bonuses. Compared to hospital-led programs, it is shown that these programs result in nearly 7X more savings.

Make the switch to a value-based model today with American Choice Healthcare. You can improve care for populations with chronic diseases, increase Medicare savings, and raise your revenue based on performance – all at no risk or at cost to you.

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